About Cherries

  • The Bing

    The leading commercial sweet cherry in North America. Fruit is firm, juicy and a deep-mahogany-red when ripe. Exceptionally large fruit of finest quality with an intensly sweet, vibrant flavour. Bing has become the standard to which other varieties are compared.

    • Available: Mid-June through early August
    • Colour: Mahogany / Flesh - Mahogany
    • Flavour: Sweet, rich flavour (17-19% fruit sugar) / Firm
    The Bing Cherry Variety
  • The Chelan

    The leading early-ripening sweet cherry of the Pacific Northwest. Fruit ripens two weeks ahead of Bing, yet resembles Bing with firm, round, heart-shaped fruit of good size. The best deep, mahogany red cherry before Bing and less susceptible to rain-cracking.

    • Available: Early to late June
    • Colour: Mahogany-Red / Flesh - Mahogany
    • Flavour: Sweet, rich flavour (16-18% fruit sugar) / Firm
    The Chelan Cherry Variety
  • The Rainier

    A very attractive, exceptionally large, yellow cherry with a red blush. Rainier has a distinctive and superior appearance among sweet cherry varieties. Delicately flavoured with extraordinary sugar levels, the flesh is pure yellow, very firm and finely textured. A premium niche variety that ripens after Bing.

    • Available: Late June through early August
    • Colour: Golden with pink-red blush/Flesh - clear-colored.
    • Flavour: Very sweet, delicate flavour (17-23% fruit sugar) / Finely textured.
    The Rainier Cherry Variety
  • The Skeena

    Large, very firm and sweet, Skeena™ continues to grow in popularity with consumers and growers. Maturing about 16 days after Bing, this dark red to almost black variety has a very dense texture. A great late-season variety which will keep you in cherries until the end of July.

    • Available: Mid-July through early August
    • Colour: Mahogany/Flesh - Red, large fruit with shiny skin.
    • Flavour: Sweet (19-20% fruit sugar)/Solid texture.
    The Skeena Cherry Variety
  • The Sweetheart

    A large, bright red cherry maturing one week to ten days after Lapins (3 weeks after Bing). Sweetheart™ has a mild, sweet flavour and outstanding firmness. This heart- shaped cherry ships extremely well, and will keep your late July and August cherry displays full.

    • Available: Late July through mid-August
    • Colour: Dark red/Flesh - Dark red, heart-shaped.
    • Flavour: Flavor/Texture: Mild (16-19% fruit sugar)/Superior shipping texture.
    The Sweetheart Cherry Variety
  • The Tieton

    Extraordinarily large in size, with excellent firmness and a mild sweet flavor. Tieton™ is an early-season mahogany-red cherry, ripening one week before Bing. The impressive size, attractively glossy fruit, and thick green stems produce a visually stunning fruit for premium displays.

    • Available: Early June to July
    • Colour: Mahogany-Red / Flesh - Mahogany
    • Flavour: Mild (16-18% fruit sugar) / Ships well
    The Tieton Cherry Variety